Hydra, lots of different heads, 50% discount on changing artifacts, new fines and buffs.

Hydra will have to play with his hands... The first time is for sure. Below are the new chips.. They also strengthened the simpla a little bit... Useless hero zatyunili =)
New Bonuses and Penalties

Life Protection - The health of the Hydra's Head can be enhanced by an effect similar to the Shield Bonus, but having a higher priority than the Shield. If the Head has Life Protection, then any damage directed against it will first be deducted from Life Protection, and only then from Health. If you do not have time to knock down the Life Protection from the Hydra's Head in a certain number of moves, then this Head will fully restore its Health. However, if the Life Protection runs out earlier, the Head will be stunned for 1 turn. Life protection cannot be removed, stolen or eliminated by any other way of Bonus manipulation.

Poison Cover - The Poison Cover blocks damage from all variations of the Poison Moreover, if the Hydra's Head is under the Poison Cover, then any attack directed against it automatically turns into a Weak blow. The penalty of Burning out Health eliminates the Poisonous Cover. Heroes whose abilities do not allow the transformation of blows into weak ones, as well as a set of Artifacts Stubbornness ignore the Poisonous Cover. The Poison Cover cannot be removed, stolen or eliminated in any other way by manipulating Bonuses.

Revenge – This Bonus appears at the Head of Anger after receiving 15 blows. At the same time, the damage from this Head increases by 300% for 1 turn and immediately launches an attack on all Heroes. Revenge cannot be removed, stolen or eliminated by any other way of Bonus manipulation.

Stone skin - removes all Penalties from the Hero, makes him immune to the imposition of new Penalties, except Bombs and reduces the damage he receives by 85%. However, the damage received from Bombs increases by 300%. The effect can be removed from the Hero if you deal him damage corresponding to half of his maximum Health

Will of the snake - activated whenever a new Hydra Head grows instead of the severed one. Reduces damage received by 75%.

Bonds of pain - creates a connection between the Head of Suffering and the Hero chosen by it. This Hero is now starting to receive 15% of all the damage that the Suffering Head receives. At the same time, the Suffering Head itself continues to receive damage from attacks in full.

Rigor Mortis - removes all Bonuses from the target and blocks the imposition of new Bonuses as long as Rigor Mortis is active. At the same time, the Hero can still receive Fines. The hero, who is under the influence of Rigor Mortis, skips his moves and his skills do not recharge. However, all damage inflicted on this Hero is reduced by 60%, except for damage from Bombs, which cause 300% more damage.

Clipping is activated if the Health of the Hydra's Head is reduced to 0. Such a Head is replaced with a Vulnerable Neck that cannot act for a certain number of moves and receives 200% more damage.

The Hydra Mark is a special effect by which the Hydra designates its target for Absorption. The label cannot be blocked, removed or eliminated in any other way. The Label is not a Fine, so the restrictions relevant for Fines do not apply to it.

Digestion - indicates the Hydra Head that swallowed one of your Heroes. The head with this effect gets an increase in Health and a special counter. To release the absorbed Hero, it is necessary to deal a certain amount of damage before the counter is reset. In case of failure, the Hero dies and during the battle it will be impossible to resurrect him or bring him back into service in any other way.

Now you are familiar with the basic mechanics of Hydra combat. But that's not all – in the coming months we plan to introduce new content for Hydra, including new Heads, so stay tuned for new teasers and announcements. And now let's look at the Heads that we will have to face already in this release.


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