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1 visit = 2x for rewards and 2x for experience - half the time.There will be two events this week:(1) Today, September 13, it is planned to activate superrades in the Castle of the Lava Knight.The eve..

Talent selection


Promo codes


In this section, we will publish the current promo codes in the game at the momentThere are no current promo codes at the moment..
Today we added guides for new bosses: there are video guides from me=)..
1) Get 30 units of materials in Crypts2) Get 30 units of materials in battles in a normal Arena3) Use 1 Talisman in the Forge4) Create 1 epic or legendary artifact in the Forge"5) Create 1 epic or leg..

x10 on call - 18.06


This Friday, we plan to launch the x10 event to summon the following Heroes from the Ancient, Sacred, and Dark Shards:- Ataman- Roxam- Big ' Un- Norog- Tuhak the Wanderer- Dhukk Spiny- Clodd Forager- ..
On June 17, they plan to launch an x2 event for the loss of attributes of the Twilight Warriors Faction in the Spider's Nest..
The power of some heroes can be sky-high due to the fact that he has additional conditions under certain conditions, or(and) he has strikes on random targets, that is, the chance to hit 8 hits in one ..
The power of some heroes can be sky-high due to the fact that he has additional conditions under certain conditions, or(and) he has strikes on random targets, that is, the chance to hit 8 hits in one ..
Does the difficulty of the campaign(Impossible, Hellish) affect the chance of heroes falling out of it?The higher the difficulty, the higher the chance of heroes falling out...
Today, the good gifts are announced! Don't forget to pick it up. ..

Top Update


It became known that in the next update, they will add autoboy settings and save commands! This is the top update for the last year...
In this article, I will show you how to close 6kb with 1 key.I score a strip of poisons manually.1 move mashaled a2, a1Brago a1Septimus a1Catcher a2Drak a 3Here the main thing is that Brago missed the..

New heroes' art


The Catalyst is a skill to kill an opponent with a resurrection block. A clear example is Zawiya, Luria, Lydia, Mortu-Makaab, Foli.All heroes with the Resurrection block..

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RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends-heroes, guides

RAID: Shadow Legends is a turn-based, collectible fantasy role-playing game featuring over 400 heroes from 14 factions, and 15 different character classes, including Elves, Orcs, werewolves, and the undead.

The action takes place in the kingdom of Teleria, which was taken over by the dark lord Sairoth. Players take on the role of an ancient Telerian warrior who has been brought back to life to defeat Sairoth and restore peace and harmony to the enslaved lands. Players need to gather an army of heroes to fight in different locations — in castles, dungeons, campaigns, and clan battles that are guarded by enemies. In addition, users receive shards — special particles that contain the souls of fallen warriors. Shards come in four types and have different properties. The game consists of a story-driven (PvE) campaign of 12 chapters, each divided into 7 levels in four difficulty modes, the last one being a hellish difficulty level. And (PVP) content by type of Arena, 3X3 Arena, Doom Tower. Also in the game there is (PVE) content on the type of dungeons, clan battles, as well as the Fatal Tower. PvE content is closely interlinked with multiplayer (PVP), because valuable artifacts and jewelry are mined on the twentieth floors of the dungeons and in the Fatal Tower. The dungeons are divided into five strongholds, Minotaur Maze, Ice Golem Plateau, Dragon Lair, Spider's Nest, and Lava Knight Castle. Also in the game there is (PVE) content called Faction Wars, where champions from the same faction fight against rivals. When you close the War of Factions content, you get the Legendary Dark Elf faction heroine, Lydia the Rebel.

The advantages of RAID: Shadow Legends are Tactical gameplay, high-quality, detailed 3D graphics, a variety of characters and game mechanics. Developers regularly release new heroes and new content, which makes Raid even more interesting.

Welcome to the world of Teleria and let your luck smile!
Where to download RAID: Shadow Legends

You can download the game on the official website of plarium com.

Hacking Raid Shadow Legend

Many people are interested in the hacked version of the game, and this is understandable, because it takes a long time to play it. Everyone wants to speed up this process. We strongly do not recommend downloading allegedly hacked versions of the game. They contain viruses that steal your data. Be careful.