The owner of this set has a small chance of 15% to resist the freeze and at the same time, with his own attack, freeze the enemy with a chance of 10%. To achieve the highest result, it is better to use three sets of this artifact at once, in this case, the chance will increase three times, plus you can get 5% of the talents. This way we'll get a 50% evasion chance and a 35% freeze chance, which looks much better. Sets of the Chills artifact Where can I get the Chills artifact ?Doom Tower Forge Who can use the Chills artifact ? This artifact has not yet been tested for heroes. Since the set is specific, it will be used in very rare cases. But theoretically, as well as the set of Frost can go to the heroes with a basic or frequent AoE attack to control the opponents. But it was conceived and introduced into the game along with the Fatal Tower, which means it can be used to pass it.

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